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  Ski Resources | Ski Safety | Cross Country Skier's Responsibility Code


  Cross Country Skier's Responsibility Code

National Trail Markings-Cross Country

    There are elements of risk that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Always show courtesy to others and observe the code listed below and share with others the responsibility for a great outdoor experience.
    • Remain in control and proceed in such a manner that you can stop or avoid other people or objects.
    • As you proceed downhill or overtake another person, you must avoid the persons below and beside you.
    • Do not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible from above.
    • When entering a trail or starting downhill, look uphill and yield to others.
    • If you are involved in or witness a collision or accident you must remain at the scene and identify yourself to the Ski Patrol.
    • Ski only on the marked trails and in the proper direction as indicated by the trail markers.
    • You must keep off closed trails and observe and obey all signs and warnings.
    • Please leave the wilderness area for others to enjoy as you have.
      Know the Code - Be Safety Conscious. It Is Your Responsibility.

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