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The shape of the skis are designed to turn when you put them on their edges and apply some pressure to the skis. So to turn these skis, only you need to do is roll your ankles and feet in the direction that you want to turn. By varying the amount of edging and the amount of pressure that you apply to the skis, you can determine how sharp a turn you make. The more the skis are edged and the harder you press on the skis, the tighter will be the radius of the turn (that is, a sharper turn). Conversely, the less the skis are edged, in other words, the flatter the skis, and the less hard that you press, the turn will have a larger radius (a bigger turn).

These two variables "pressure" and "edging" are fundamentally what put you in control of your skis, thus it would be useful to consciously play around with different combinations while practicing turns and noting what happens each time.

Exercise : Turning the skis uphill to stop

This is a good exercise to commence with to get the feeling of how easily your skis will turn when you roll your ankles and feet.

On an easy intermediate slope, stand with your skis on a shallow traverse track. Be in a good traverse position with your skis spaced apart and very slightly edged (Image 1). Commence to traverse across the slope and gather some speed (Image 2). When you are ready to turn, simply roll your feet and ankles up the hill and hold the ski edges gripping in the snow (Image 3). The skis will turn up the hill to a stop (Image 4).

Repeat the same exercise and this time, when you roll your ankles and feet, hold them for a count of three and then roll them back to their original traverse position and glide again. Then roll them up the hill again. Try to notice how the skis turn when you roll your ankles and feet.

Advice: Don?t try to turn the skis by turning your feet in the direction of the turn! Be patient and try to feel yourself ?riding? on the edges of the skis as they turn. (The skis turn when you put them on their edges because of their shape and design).

Image 1

Image 2
Image 3
Image 4

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