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 Dizin Ski Resort | History

Dizin Ski Resort was founded by a group of foreigners who were searching for mines in the central Albourz Mountains.

The area was announced suitable for skiing and in 1965, by installing a portable surface lift over Dizin pass, the area provided the opportunity for the national ski team to practice.


After setting up Shemshak electric chairlifts in 1967, the head of ski federation visited Dizin and the matter was discussed at government level. The area was accepted as a ski resort and the primary work started with establishing the road from Arsin coal mine.

Finally by 1968, with the installation of one chairlift 2,400 meters long from the base station up to the upper parking lot, the importing and installation of the first gondola to Iran (Chalet gondola) and the simultaneous building of the Chalet restaurant and the installation of the beginner's surface lift, the Dizin Resort officially started its operation.

Following these activities, the installation of the Gholleh gondola started and was ready for use by skiers in 1973.

The access road from Shemshak to the upper parking lot was also finished by 1973.

By 1974, the resort was expanded by replacing the Darreh chairlift with a gondola, a double chairlift was installed from Chalet station the top of the mountain (Golleh station), Gavazni and Sichal surface lifts were installed, the race and Dopplmayr surface lifts were also installed and the expansion was completed by 1975.

Then in 1977, Chaman chairlift installation and Chaman restaurant were finished and by 1977-78 the whole compound was in a working condition.

Development of the complex came to stand-still after 1979 revolution. Since 2006, a new phase of development is underway.


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